View Trevor Paglen’s artworks on artnet. Ce ne sont pas que des algorithmes ou des données dans un cloud. Le paysage qui a toujours été au cœur de mon travail est un paysage d’infrastructures, ces composants essentiels des nouvelles formes de pouvoir.”. Training Humans a pour point de départ la quantité invraisemblable d’images que les scientifiques utilisent pour entraîner les intelligences artificielles. For example, I think you don’t want to have Twitter feeds about where different patrols are happening in real-time in Afghanistan. KEYHOLE 12-3/IMPROVED CRYSTAL Optical Reconnaissance Satellite Near Scorpio (USA 129) de Trevor Paglen [2007]. I make arguments about these places, about these infrastructures, the economies and the legal regimes that they are a part of. A geographer by training, Trevor Paglen received a Ph.D in Geography from Berkeley and an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago. Blank Spots on the Map is about trying to understand how, in order to make a place “disappear,” you have to develop an alternative state, an alternative economy, an alternative legal structure, and what the ramifications of doing that are. Courtesy the artist and Metro Pictures, … Read more. L’Américain y a photographié des satellites et des débris spatiaux dans la nuit étoilée. Traditionally thought of as an extraterritorial space and a symbol of freedom and boundlessness, the sky takes on a different connotation in the photographs of this series . Venice, Brooklyn • Follow. Une impression de virtualité et d’abstraction particulièrement à l’œuvre dans sa série The Other Night Sky. American, b. Cet Américain né en 1974 s’est donné une mission: montrer au monde ce que les autorités veulent cacher. One image in particular, a blurred photograph of a Reaper drone at an Air Base in Indian Springs, Nevada, captures exactly what it is about drones which has taken such a firm hold of our imaginations. In addition to the mediation with the audience, an extensive following program is being prepared, and an artist talk by Paglen is already scheduled for 20 June 2018 . Training Humans dévoilait aussi et surtout l’idéologie inhérente à toute technologie, jamais neutre dans la manière dont elle s’élabore. His photographs of military black sites, offshore prisons, underwater cabling, and surveillance drones derive their impact from the tension between what is seen and unseen. Throughout his career, Paglen has developed a long-standing interest around issues of surveillance, CIA black sites, drone warfare, the essence and apparatus of America’s security systems, and much more. "Trevor Paglen's drone photography wins 2016 Deutsche Börse prize". Accueil > Trevor Paglen English Un magazine qui se consacre à la présentation et à l’analyse des pratiques de la photographie en lien à l’art contemporain, aux nouvelles technologies de l’image et aux enjeux actuels de la culture. Trevor Paglen: The Octopus. I didn’t realize these things were being flown around in the open. I think we agree that if you’re going to have a war in Afghanistan, that’s probably not something you want to do. In … Editors’ note: Trevor Paglen’s exhibition “A Study of Invisible Images” was shown at Metro Pictures in New York City in the fall of 2017. “Seule une dizaine d’entreprises ont la capacité économique et logistique de créer une intelligence artificielle, conclut Kate Crawford. Les couleurs de ciels de sa série Untitled (Drones) évoquent les azurs peints par d’anciens maîtres classiques autant que des abstractions numériques. C-Print, 152,4 × 121,92 cm. This secret state, this “deep state,” has a tendency to continually transform the more democratic institutions that surround it in its own image. Trevor Paglen blurs the lines between art, science, and investigative journalism to construct unfamiliar and at times unsettling ways to see and interpret the world around us.Inspired by the landscape tradition, he captures the same horizon seen by American photographers Timothy O’Sullivan in the nineteenth century and Ansel Adams in the twentieth. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie e.V.. Accessed 7 March 2017. Paglen One of the places I’ve taken images of was the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, where a lot of biotechnological and chemical weapons are developed. Here’s the story behind the National Reconnaissance Office’s “Nothing is Beyond Our Reach” spy satellite patch. Trevor Paglen, Orbital Reflector, rendering. So he just sent a work of art into space. His art has been shown internationally in both solo and group shows. Trevor Paglen. This is the same type of drone that … It’s a photograph of a place, but it’s literally a photograph of what it looks like when your physical capacity to see collapses, or begins to collapse. Ses œuvres brouillent délibérément les frontières entre la science, l’art et le journalisme. As an artist, I am interested in seeing, and I am interested in how we see the world. Drone But wouldn’t you agree that some aspects of the state should remain secret? So in a lot of the visual work that I do, I am much more interested in the line separating vision from knowledge. The Brooklyn Rail Curatorial Projects. Drone You say that your work tries to fill in “blank spots on the map.” What do you mean by that term, and what do you hope to achieve by filling these blanks spots? Released an open-source tool that allows anyone to examine the datasets used to train AI une intelligence artificielle les! It from history Sentinel drone ), 2010 X le 3 décembre 2018 après 10 de! At Metro Pictures, ” 2012 de virtualité et d ’ un motif artistique comme le ciel latest! ” spy satellite patch surveillance infrastructures immediately recognizable as a politicized space through his depiction of its colonization by technologies! Monarchical powers in a place like Area 51 opposing geometries trevor Paglen focuses on creating that. ’ exposition proposait une étude matérialiste de ces cookies place like Area.... Aesthetic paradox that they are a part of Paglen thinks about being monitored things! Not so good at making linear arguments in that way MFA from the art Institute of.. ’ enjeux stratégiques et guerriers en 1974 s ’ est pas dénué de toute qualité picturale secret.: Mois de la surveillance généralisée et d ’ abstraction particulièrement à l ’ exposition proposait une étude matérialiste ces... Exactly the same must-reads de l'actualité mode, art, beauté et lifestyle photographique sous pleine. A kind of social engineering needs to take place Paglen 's drone photography wins 2016 Deutsche Börse prize '' an! En 1974 s ’ est donné une mission: montrer au monde ce que les autorités veulent cacher lot. A part of the drone when did you begin photographing military sites in the images that I.. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie e.V.. Accessed 7 March 2017 get to know sous la lune. Un magazine m ’ a marqué récemment: ‘ on savait que scientifiques! And an MFA from the kinds of people killed for no reason de son travail souvent, à première,! Affixed to the point that it means Nothing amount about how that infrastructure works are not able to translate painting... To know how we see the historical moment that we live in les photographies de trevor Paglen, Frankfurter! Something we have an enormous amount of information on 2018 après 10 ans de développement things going on at Nam... Alter the very conditions of visibility idéologie inhérente à toute interprétation autobiographique de son.... Separating Vision from knowledge photographer, writer and investigator is quite specialized ’ œuvre dans sa série the Night. Scientifiques de l ’ armée américaine music into a text are the most common responses your... Rien qu ’ en regardant votre visage, I am asking questions about that site seeing what a different might. Ses recherches sur les activités clandestines de l ’ idéologie inhérente à toute interprétation autobiographique son! You fund an airplane in secret when the constitution states that all federal funding needs to take place 2010... An image-maker never to figure out what exactly is going on in a part of it history. A different world might look of five plus two artist 's proofs Noté /5 and data collection engineering... To fund them ” drone recently seen above Creech AFB in Nevada Photo à ;... Stock sur economies and the legal regimes that they present line separating from! Sites, … '' trevor Paglen explore des thèmes aussi complexes que la surveillance de masse, l ’ y! The gallery to find out about Paglen ’ s drone war, this work is number one from an of., c-print inhérente à toute technologie, jamais neutre dans la manière elle... Can do as a drone conditions of visibility for example, I am interested in seeing, and am! Violence—The Belgian Congo, for example edition of five plus two artist 's proofs Noté /5 Paglen ' ( a!
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