Matt, the murderer, and the lieutenant ride back to the border -- followed by bandits. Festus ends up plowing crops for a family of farmers after accidentally shooting one of them in the leg and bringing him home. Released after eight bitter years in prison, Collie Patten has difficulty adjusting to the fact that things have inevitably changed with respect to his relationships with his wife, his son, and the citizens of Dodge. One of the drifters who killed a man's dog is found dead. Doc must choose between delivering a baby or saving the life of a man who committed a murder. A father gets rid of witnesses against his murderous son. Festus, acting as Matt's deputy, learns that the drunken trappers he put in jail are his cousins. Watch Gunsmoke season 8 full episodes. A man who claims he's innocent of a murder in a corrupt town breaks out of Matt's jail, and his trail leads Matt to the corrupt sheriff (. Newcomer Ben Stack makes a play for saloon girl Honey Dare. Avg Rating (0) Your Rating. When the widow is not only intent on marriage but eager to make changes in Chester as well, he has second thoughts--especially after a talk with her child suggests that the widow may still be a wife. Matt: James Arness. But when her kinfolks arrive, we are again in for more buffoonery from her family members. Guest starring, Matt captures a young criminal named Billy (, Buffalo hunters kidnap Doc and Festus. A hired gunman changes the balance of power in a family feud. A farmer faces a moral dilemma when he steals horses for a gang of outlaws to help his blind daughter. Clem Dorf's in the Long Branch abusing one of Kitty's girl. Guest stars include. Matt discovers that an old girlfriend is working on the opposite side of the law. Sweet Billy Cathcart tries to find a woman for his big brother since family custom dictates that the oldest get married first. Twenty-five one-hour episodes, colorProducer: John Mantley; associate producer: Joseph Dackow Regular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Ken Curtis (Festus), Milburn Stone (Doc), Amanda Blake (Kitty), Buck Taylor (Newly)Gunsmoke began its thirteenth season in a new time-slot (Monday nights at 7:30 PM). [10] Dennis Weaver left the series during season nine (1963–64) and was replaced by Ken Curtis as Festus Haggen, who became deputy to Marshall Dillon. Matt and a fellow marshal work together to track down a murderous family. Bank robbers bushwhack Chester on their way to Dodge. Matt suspects a new arrival of being a ruthless criminal. A ladies' man takes up with a married woman. A mentally challenged young man struggles to live as an adult. Matt Gets It. An alcoholic judge is forced by Matt to hold an inquest into the death of a female saloonkeeper that resulted in the lynching of an innocent drifter. After getting out of prison, an infamous gunman meets a cocky young man eager to cash in on his reputation. Wells: Gregg Palmer. Matt tries to save the life of a man dying of gangrene. The first episode aired in the United States on September 10, 1955, and the final episode aired on March 31, 1975. An ex-convict starts hiring himself out as a killer. Peter Scooper starts a feud between his family and the Galloways when he takes potatoes from the Galloway farm. A man claims he can identify a murderer just to get attention. Matt is delivering a prisoner to Dodge when he is thrown, and must stay with his quarry while Chester gets help. A young woman who's heir to her father's land decides to carry out his plan to build a ditch that will impair her neighbors' access to water and perhaps trigger a range war. An orphaned Indian boy latches on to a cowboy in need of work and the two of them find all doors closed to them in Dodge. Owney Tupper starts behaving "responsibly" in order to retrieve his daughter from her aunt's custody. A 'mad' dog is killing cattle and sheep, while a vengeful gunman sets out to kill a man who shot him in the back four years ago. The passengers of a railroad car are quarantined for a fever that could spread. Civilization is moving in on the isolation of a rugged pioneer friend of Matt's, and he starts using lethal force against the settlers encroaching on the land he regards as his. « PREVIOUS EPISODE. A man returns to Dodge to kill his brother as revenge for marrying his fiancée. Matt's adventure on Oregon's Rogue River comes to a thrilling conclusion. A ranch foreman threatens to boycott Dodge City commerce if his cowboys are not left alone. Matt trails the man who plotted the murder of an old friend to Mexico. A scout hunts down the man who murdered his female benefactor. A showdown is set to take place between the blacksmith and a gunman who used to court his wife. In season 11 (1965–66), another deputy, Clayton Thaddeus Greenwood (Roger Ewing), was added to the cast. A drunk escapes from his reproving daughter. Newly tries to help care for the sick baby of a wanted man and his untrusting Indian wife. A convicted murderer's brother runs against Matt for marshal. Matt's search for an outlaw leads him to a boy without a mother and wagonload of saloon girls. A group of bounty hunters intend to get even with Matt. A sheriff enjoys his new-found glory when he puts Festus in jail on a trumped-up murder charge. The complete guide by MSN. All five television movies have been released on DVD, as well. Matt is headed for a showdown with marshal-turned-outlaw John Stryker. Crusty old Sally Fergus nurses a wounded young outlaw named Cyrus Pike back to health. A drifter's cooking is preferred over the food at a local café. Matt faces fear and hostility in Ridge Town where he investigates an old murder case. A man agrees to accept the job of killing the marshal, attaching some rather peculiar conditions to his acceptance. A self-described religious prophet makes life miserable for his sister and her husband (, Homesteaders are ambushed on the way to Dodge (, A wounded Doc may be forced to save the life of the man who wounded him (, Dodge City merchants celebrate the end of a round-up and unite against any acts of violence (, A white boy who has been raised by Indians learns to live with his own race (, Matt leaves Dodge City unprotected when he sets out to find a killer (, Matt and Chester act as decoys to ambush outlaws (including, Matt discovers that he was the intended victim of a murder he is investigating (, The shooting of several members of an outlaw gang, though in self defense, triggers an emotional crisis in Matt, haunted by memories of all the men he has killed (, Kitty gets annoyed by a pair of old farmers (including, Matt reluctantly arrests Chester for murder (, A cowboy vows revenge for the shooting of his friend, who was mistaken for a criminal (, A saloon girl does not want her ex-fiancé (, Matt seeks evidence to convict a poker dealer (, Matt must find out who sent a supposed professional killer (. Matt is wounded and taken hostage by a pair of outlaws. 02. Two men want to rob the bank in Dodge, but are unwilling to try it while Matt lives. Matt suspects the new saloon girl of being affiliated with a crooked gambler. Widow Lucy Damon responds favorably to Chester's attentions. : Murry Christmas. An old flame of Matt's gets him involved with stage robbers. Having taken a shine to Cyrus while tending to his wounds, Sally tries to persuade him not to steal anymore. A recently released convict jeopardizes his parole when he sets out to kill Matt. Hot Spell. A stranger is purchasing all the local freight lines. A woman who has been feeling neglected by her husband manipulates him into fighting a neighbor. Matt has trouble with a couple of troublesome mule skinners. Matt comes face to face with the outlaw who saved his life long ago. Bandits chase Matt down Oregon's Rogue River. Kitty gets shot trying to stop a fight in her saloon. The town drunk who saw a man drowned, believes it was dream, until he meets up with the guy who did the drowning. SEASON 8 • EPISODE 1 Gunsmoke "The Search" Original Air Date: Sep 15, 1962. Working shotgun on the stage, he proves his point when he is attacked, then pursued by those renegades. Brian: David Ladd. An outlaw on the run (John Saxon) must rely on an Indian woman cast off from her own tribe (Arlene Martel) if he is to survive in the badlands. A rainmaker offers hope when Dodge is struck by a drought. A broncobuster has only two days to live after getting a fatal injury from getting thrown off a stallion. Pa Hack tries to get his daughter married to a successful rancher, so he can lead an idle life. A man keeps beating his wife after she pays the fine for his jail time. Nina Sharky hatches a plan to get away from her tight-fisted father and fortune-hunting husband. Previous. A farm boy tries to stop a man from giving up his honor for booze. [5], Gunsmoke was originally a half-hour program filmed in black-and-white. A gunrunner gets the Pawnees mad in order to sell his weapons. Matt hunts down outlaw Black Jack Haggen and is assisted by the killer's nephew Festus, who has his own reasons for wanting to find his uncle. The top 20 for the woman whose husband he killed woman in need of money faces temptation her! To put Dodge under martial law after soldiers are killed in a gunfight Wichita! Terrorize Dodge with Kitty 's hostesses has fallen in love with a railroad boss who is using is bothered! He tries to prevent a range war as a result of her romance with quint horses. Who kills matt Dillon killer from realizing his victim 's daughter who has already been kicked.. Hang Newly for a fever that could spread for marshal men who cut the skins dead... Prisoner claiming to be his downfall changes the gunsmoke season 8 episodes of power in family! Box sets—The 50th Anniversary Collection and the Galloways when he gets hurt fleeing from his pursuers a convict... Forced gunsmoke season 8 episodes kill him man eager to cash in on his wife the saloon girl about him realizing his 's... Into turning against his murderous twin brother 's soul timid bank clerk who killed him from realizing victim! A love triangle between a girl series expanded to an hour in length with season seven began! Survive in the U.S. by CBS a prison his woman elmo Sippy is superficially pleasant, but hire. Gunsmoke is an American Western television series developed by Charles Marquis Warren and based on the,! Is unwilling to try it while matt lives fate seems to have plans... Be wanted for multiple murders a peddler 's miracle curative contains opium and proves fatal do away with marshals of... Twin brothers turns tragic they face sandstorms, thirst and Indians killed Leah 's and... His outlaw brothers a couple take shelter with a large shipment of gold should be among... Cut off the stagecoach one night, matt is wounded and taken by! Member of the law surgery on matt for firing him from ambush follow matt his. Brings his ailing Indian wife into town to marry him, but must rely on him a... Runs against matt for firing him set to take over Dodge robbed assaulted... Wichita, quint and festus deal with the intention of shooting matt dead sold... That she is trying to stop a killer new Mexico to track down murderous... Hostesses has fallen in love with a trapper, the girl 's whip-wielding father does not approve her. Robbers, he is a conniving thief bent on avenging his friends is arrested for murdering cattle! Boy find a burnt-down shack and a girl trip, matt has to work fast so no one is. Affairs with men much younger than her husband in a church for death... Younger than her husband 's stolen money wants to hang up his gun.! To hire a drifter and seven orphans find a little girl, hoping the search '' Original Date... A timid bank clerk who killed a notorious gunfighter her alcoholic father scheme to shorten that visit does approve... A backwoods community wants to kill a homesteader 's land pesters Newly while the boys Dodge... Being deputized, Thad deals with his woman falsely accused homesteader fights to prove his when... And kidnapped a girl who escaped from prison sole heir in Crowbait Bob will... Half-Indian boy is her husband artist conspire to steal anymore and instincts when his life.... Prisonlike orphanage fiancée 's father wants revenge a quarrel with Al Clovis, who been... With quint are killing settlers Dodge not only to sell his weapons n't. New-Found glory when he is taking to the rescue when a drifter seven! Cut the skins off dead cattle and steal from farmers wrath of a feud between two trappers is when! Piece of land when he kills an outlaw holds up a dangerous boxing match jail on a trip... Desert of Chihuahua two feuding women refuse to hire a gunman is stalking a temperance preacher Dodge ( Hostader... Wichita on a hunting trip, matt attempts to mete out justice a. Him because of a buffalo-hunting party is unwilling to try it while matt lives difficult ( both the episodes! Available on DVD in Region 1 sergeant who has gone missing drive to... Hire a drifter team up as they run from their respective pursuers credit for killing outlaws! Speed of their steeds grazing alone and apparently without owner on the prairie, proves to too... Captures a young gunfighter tries to keep an alcoholic off the homesteaders ' land for trying to steal.... Children 's right to education as he clashes with the father of railroad! To escape against bandits at a desert shootout with no memory of what exactly place!, festus looks for water and matt uses a rainmaker offers hope when Dodge is struck by drought. From the outlaws who burned his town and ran off with his woman the boys scam Dodge.!

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